COVID-19 Statement

From the entire Applied Separations, Inc. team, we hope you, your families, and friends are well. The news is dominated by Coronavirus, COVID-19, and we wanted to personally reach out to you and let you know that our focus is to ensure the continuity of business operations during the course of this pandemic as much as possible, while also doing what we can do to keep you and our employees safe.

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Pandemic Preparedness Plan

Applied Separations, Inc. strives to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. This pandemic preparedness plan outlines our overall response to a pandemic and our emergency preparedness and business continuity plan. It outlines specific steps the Company takes to safeguard employees' health and well-being during a pandemic while ensuring our ability to maintain essential operations and continue providing essential services to our customers. In addition, it provides guidance on how we intend to respond to specific operational and human resource issues in the event of a pandemic. In this document, “employee” will refer to employees of ASI as well as temporary employees working at ASI.

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Black Lives Matter Statement

On behalf of Applied Separations, Inc., we are deeply saddened and upset by the recent death of George Floyd, a scene that has been repeated far too many times in this country, and are concerned by the civil unrest currently happening throughout the country. We stand by those who are peacefully opposing racial injustice, as we have recently seen in our own nearby communities. We have zero-tolerance for racism, discrimination, or violence of any kind, whether it is within the company or in our communities. We have much more work to do. It is actions that define us, not words. The safety and well-being of our employees are of the utmost importance. Working together, with others in our community, we can make a difference. We are all accountable. #BlackLivesMatter.

Rolf Schlake, President & CEO