Spe-ed SFE-Prime for Education

Spe-edTM SFE Prime: The ONLY Teaching Tool for Supercritical Fluids Technology


Applied Separations is meeting the growing, world-wide commitment to a cleaner, greener environment. Environmentally friendly Supercritical Fluid (SCF) technology works with today's innovative, easy-to-use systems from Applied Separations.


Your students will be leading tomorrow's green process using no petroleum solvents and no toxic residue.


The Spe-edTM SFE Prime is the newest SFE in our series of instruments for supercritical fluid processes. These systems meet the rigorous needs of day-to-day use in the classroom and are made for hands-on demonstrations. It is safe, simple to operate, fast and affordable, with features found in other, more expensive SFE systems.


Demonstrate Supercritical Fluids in emerging industries, foods, natural products and nanotechnology where solvents can't be used.

Spe-ed SFE-Prime for education. Teach supercritical fluids in your college laboratory.

The system features:


  • temperatures to 150°C
  • pressure up to 10,000 psi (690 BAR)
  • pump: up to 200mL/min flow rate for atmospheric (incompressible) liquid
  • control of flow rates to each vessel
  • fully-adjustable, non-clogging micro-metering valve
  • process vessels ranging in size from 5 to 150mL
  • extract collected into SPE cartridges or standard glassware
  • in-line trapping capabilities
  • modifier addition capability
  • liquid sample extraction capability
  • multiple over-pressure safety devices
Spe-ed SFE-Prime - Teach supercritical fluids in the college classroom.
Spe-ed SFE-Prime - Teach supercritial fluids in the college classroom.
Features of the Spe-ed SFE-Prime for Education. Teach supercritical fluids in the college classroom.

Heating Compartment

  • Flip-up cover for easy access
  • Heater goes to 150 degrees

Micro-metering valve

  • Straightforward adjustable design
  • Non-clogging
  • Simplified cleaning / rinsing
  • Maintenance free
  • Flow control +/- 1.8%
  • Heated to compensate for Joule Thompson cooling


  • 5mL to 150mL hand tightened
  • Simplified shutoff valves
  • Static and dynamic extractions

High Pressure CO2 Pump

  • Reliable air driven
  • Pressure 690 BAR (10,000 psi)
  • up to 200mL/min flow rate for atmospheric (incompressible) liquid
  • Digital pressure setting maintains a desired set point throughout the system
  • Integrated cooling requiring no external chiller


  • A PID temperature controller maintains the precise fluid temperature inside the high pressure vessel.
  • Independent temperature sensor monitors precise temperature of the vessel


  • Built-in automatic over pressure and over temperature safeguards
  • Audible alarm
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Rupture disc

It's Easy Being Green!


Easily replace your harsh solvents with supercritical fluids. Carbon dioxide is one of the most commonly used supercritical fluids.


CO2 is:

  • Safe
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily available
  • An ideal substitute for many hazardous and toxic solvents
  • CO2 is not produced in the SCF process. Existing CO2 is merely used. There is NO addition to any greenhouse effect.

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