Spe-ed SFE-2/4

Multi-Vessel Simultaneous Oven-based Extraction Systems

The Spe-ed™ SFE-2 and Spe-ed SFE-4 are the original SFEs in our series of instruments for supercritical fluid extraction. Built in conjunction with the USDA¹, these systems were designed to meet the rigorous needs of day-to-day use in the research lab. They are simple to operate, fast and affordable, with unique features not found in other SCF systems.

The Spe-ed SFE-2 oven has the capacity for up to two vessels and the Spe-ed SFE-4 oven can accommodate up to 4 high pressure vessels.


The system features:

• temperatures to 240°C

• pressure up to 10,000 psi (690 BAR)

• pump: up to 400mL/min flow rate for atmospheric (incompressible) liquid

• independent control of flow rates to each vessel

• fully-adjustable, non-clogging, variable restrictors

• parallel processing capabilities of between 1 to 4 vessels from 0.5mL to 1.0L depending upon model

• collection into SPE cartridges or standard glassware

• in-line trapping capabilities

• modifier addition capability

• multiple flow path capability

• extract directly from liquid samples


¹CRADA - Dr. Jerry King, Dr. Robert Maxwell




Spe-ed SFE-2 Supercritical Extraction System

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