Pilot Plants

Applied Separations, Inc. offers SCF systems in any size and configuration. Although the size of a pilot system versus a production system is arbitrary, customarily, Applied Separations designates pilot systems as having extraction/reaction vessels from 5 liters to 80 liters. Greater than 80 liters, we consider production scale.


Applied Separations, Inc. will work with you one-on-one to design your custom, multipurpose, movable pilot plant/small production system. The system may be as straight forward as a manual system having one extractor vessel and venting to atmosphere to an automated system having multiple extraction/reaction vessels with multiple separators, recycling the CO2


Numerous System Options

...too many to list, but here are a few...


• Temperatures ambient to 650° C

• Pressures from low to very high, more than 2000 BAR

• Single or multiple separators

• Particle formation… organic/inorganic

• Counter-current Columns

• Automated control, Automated closures

• View cells, video interface

• Manual or sophisticated automated software

• Crossover networks

• Supercritical water

• Supercritical propane and other gases and liquids

• Beaming Microwave through SCF pressure vessels

• Ultrasonic interfaces

• In-vessel UV/Vis measurements

• Cleanroom environments… medical or IC

• Specialty basket designs


Supercritical Systems

for 30 years

Putting the cap on the high pressure vessel.

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