High Pressure Safety

Applied Separations is concerned about safety and that concern is echoed in every system we produce. While operating, our systems reach 10,000 psi / 690 bar and temperatures of 220 degrees Celsius, consequently, our systems are designed with built-in safeguards to prevent the operator from performing unsafe operations that could harm the operator and the system.


From the laboratory scale Spe-ed SFE-2/4 and Helix units to industrial scale production systems, safety is our first priority. Our Spe-ed SFE systems provide a safe environment for even the most inexperienced operator, with few adjustments required. As the complexity of the units increase, safety measures increase, with the operator’s personal safety always the priority.


ASI promotes the safe use of our technology in several ways:




At ASI, education begins with your first contact with us. Visitors to this website will find numerous articles and papers on our products and systems to help you gain a basic understanding of the technology. When you contact ASI, our team will work hard to learn about your business and determine how we can work with you to provide the right system or systems for your business. Every ASI unit is unique to the customer because the needs of every customer are unique.


But the ASI commitment to education doesn’t stop there. ASI prefers our customers feel completely comfortable with our technology and we will take the time to explain systems and procedures.




Although ASI systems are designed for ease of operation; our experienced staff will offer support throughout the implementation stage of your system. Each system ships with a CD containing full operations manuals, procedures and instructions custom-designed for the care and operation of your unique system




When your system leaves our facilities, you can be confident our experienced engineering staff has spent thousands of hours developing equipment, procedures and instructions with one overriding concern: safety.


While no system is completely safe and any system can be abused, ASI systems have an unparalleled safety record.


Spe-ed SFE-2/4 Laboratory Scale Supercritical Extraction System
Supercritial fluids are used in many industries, including natural products, pharmaceuticals, aerogels, nanoparticles, textile dyeing, and more!

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