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Teach Supercritical Fluids Free

Apply for a grant to win a system worth $30,000 for your college laboratory.

Spe-ed SFE Prime for Education. Teach supercritial fluids in the college classroom.

Proposals should illustrate how the Spe-ed SFE Prime and supporting materials will be used to teach Supercritical Fluids in the post-secondary classroom. The focus must be on teaching green chemistry with the Prime system and how SCF can impact business, processes, the environment and the overall green economy. Research topics MUST be related to Green Chemistry and environmentally-friendly technology and/or processes. Applications should include how the use of the Prime and SCF can educate students about eliminating petroleum-based solvents, pollution or residue; or how SCF can be used in nanotechnology.

The winner of the SCF-PRIME-18 Grant will receive the Applied Separations Spe-ed SFE Prime and the Prime Package.

Applied Separations, Inc.     930 Hamilton St., Allentown, PA 18101     610-770-0900