Pharmaceutical companies annually synthesize thousands of compounds in drug discovery laboratories in an attempt to find new drug molecules for commercialization.  Each of these synthesized compounds may require many reaction and purification steps for further testing.


The primary technique used in the pharmaceutical industry to purify these compounds is flash chromatography and it is preferred because of high sample loading capacity and ease of use.


Unfortunately, existing flash chromatography instrumentation suffers from poor peak resolution and uses large volumes of organic solvents as the mobile phase in the separation. Within medicinal chemistry laboratories, flash chromatography is the main source of chemical waste.


Applied Separations’ liquid CO2 flash chromatography system will fill an unmet need in the pharmaceutical industry to more rapidly purify samples and reduce toxic solvent consumption in the drug discovery process. The technology can be used in medicinal chemistry laboratories, contract research laboratories, and university pharmaceutical research laboratories in the United States and worldwide.


CO2 Flash Chromatography

DynaChrom CO2 Flash Chromatography Instrument. Environmentally Friendly with Great Results.

Environmentally Friendly

Flash Chromatography with the
NEW eCO2Chrom






Significantly lower solvent consumption

Lower solvent waste


Better performance

Faster separations

Quicker and easier recovery of separated compounds

Increased loading capacity

Greater flexibility in separation columns

 - Use smaller particle sizes

 - Different bonded phases

Faster Concentration


Multiple sample introduction formats:

 - Dry loading onto silica

 - Liquid loading onto disposable column

 - Direct liquid loading onto a

 disposable column

Control of both carbon dioxide pressure and flow rate

Control of modifier solvent flow rate

Disposable separation columns OR

Performance separation columns packed with smaller particles

Automated system with a user friendly

interface and software

Open bed fraction collector

 - Time based fraction collection

 - Peak triggered fraction collection


Download the eCO2 Chrom Flash Chromatography brochure.


CO2 Flash Chromatography with the NEW DynaChrom system.

Available 2019

Environmentally Friendly Green Flash With Outstanding Performance

eCO2Chrom - a competitively priced liquid CO2 flash chromatography system that will rapidly separate compounds with high resolution and significantly reduce organic solvent consumption.

Component mix 8

A chromatogram of an 8 component mix contain a wide variety of compounds including both acidic and basic chemicals.  This chromatogram is an example of separation scope of the instrument and the liquid CO2 separation technique.

This is a demo image

Ibuprofen & ketoprofen

A chromatogram showing the separation of Ibuprofen and Ketoprofen.  These compounds have similar

chemical structures and show the

selectivity that we can achieve with the

eCO2Chrom CO2 Flash instrument.

Ibuprofen & Ketoprofen

Acetaminophen 400µg

A chromatogram of a 400µg acetaminophen sample injected directly onto a cartridge column.  This chromatogram shows the detection sensitivity and most importantly the high degree of baseline stability that we can achieve with the eCO2Chrom CO2 Flash instrument.


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